Hot Off The Press


When I got home from work this evening, I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me in the mailbox. My novel! Today was a milestone day as it not only marks the first time I held my published novel in my hands, it also marks three years since my mom passed away. A bittersweet day.   After a long day of reminiscing and missing my mom, receiving my newly published novel was a nice end to the day. My mom was one of the very first people I shared my writing with, and she was the one who encouraged me to take writing further, so today is a big day for both of us.

As I thumbed through my novel, I started to think about my journey.  From the time I was able to express myself through written words, I began to write through stressful situations. I managed to record some of my better moments as well, but I have to admit, some of my best writings were during my most challenging times.  I have a stockpile of old journals that chronicle my adolescent years. Occasionally I look back and read them and laugh out loud at how upset I was about a particular middle school project and how much I adored Ralph Tresvant from New Edition. Although I’ve now thrown running into the mix, writing remains my number one outlet. Whenever I am having a tough time, I write. Whenever I can’t figure something out, I write. Writing is my therapy.

During college, my journal entries morphed into short stories. Mostly stories about relationships and family. Stories about overcoming something hard with plots that glean from the fact that we are all flawed, but even with our imperfections, there is something beautiful and worthy about each one of us. And that’s what my novel signifies- perfectly imperfect people trying to get it right.

I am going to start reading my book tonight. I can’t wait for you all to get yours!

Tamika Greenwood