Nothing Like Family


I recently called my aunt just to tell her I was thinking about her and it turned into an hour and a half conversation. When I got off of the phone, I was reminded of the value of family.  There are plenty of things you can change in life – your job, your address, your purse…but one thing that will always remain the same is family.  For good or for bad, family remains consistent. Whether it’s consistently wonderful, consistently nosy or consistently broke, we always know what we’re getting with family.

I have been blessed with several sister-cousins that are all around my age and they each hold a special place in my heart. I can talk to them about anything and they will be honest with me. I know they love me for who I am, with all of my faults and hangups and that’s something really special. The world can be cruel and people can be even worse, so it’s nice to have someone call because they remember today is a big day at work, or send a random card in the mail to say “thank you”. It also feels wonderful to get a text as simple as, “You were on my heart”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not always peaches and cream and kumbaya, and all familial relationships aren’t made the same.  I can attest to that as well as anybody else. But as with other things in our lives that may be difficult, we simply have to work with what we got. You only get one set of teeth and one family, be sure to care for both.

Tamika Greenwood