Happy New Year!

Photo by  Nichole De Khors

Happy New Year! Is it just me or did 2013 fly by amazingly fast? It seems like we were just celebrating Easter and here it is already January 2014. With time moving at warp speed it reminds me of how important it is to take time to enjoy and nurture the significant things in life and to seize opportunities whenever possible. I have never been a fan of making big New Year’s resolutions and prefer to engage in small goals throughout the year. My patience requires quickly attainable goals rather than those long-term aspirations.

Although it’s still very early 2014 has been great so far and I imagine it will only get better. For those of you brave souls who have taken on resolutions for the New Year, I say, go for it! Take those resolutions by the horns and own them. Lose that weight, find that partner, buy that house, save that money; whatever it is, own it and do it. For the rest of us, well, let’s pick a few things that feel good and go for them just as hard. There’s no rule that goals have to be huge. Figure out what works for you and get to it. But whether you have a New Year’s resolution to lose thirty pounds or a small goal of cleaning out your hallway closet, please work your way through and complete it. It always feels good to complete a task and it will set a great tone for the New Year. There’s nothing like the present, besides time is ticking away and you will miss out on a lot of good stuff if you procrastinate so get going!

Tamika Greenwood