Feeling Inspired


Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a training for women with aspirations to run for elective office. While I don't share this aspiration, I support and admire women who do. As the moderator of the training went around the room, she asked the participants to provide the office they would like to run for and to describe what they were feeling. The range of potential elective offices ranged from local school board directors to POTUS. I wasn’t surprised, as each woman sitting in that room was more than capable of filling each one of those seats; what surprised me was the overwhelming number of the women that said they felt inspired. As I sat there observing, I wondered how these women could garner feelings of inspiration despite everything that's currently happening in society. 

After the introductions, the presenters began to speak and one by one, these dynamic women, many who had previously or currently held elective office, shared their struggles, their victories and most importantly, why they do what they do. It was during these presentations that I felt a shift in my feelings. Yes we are living in a challenging time and society is sending wrong messages and yes, the system appears to be failing in many ways and yes...we have the right to be angry. Anger and disappointment are okay, but what if we add action to those feelings? Every voice matters but you have to speak out to be heard. We can't all run for elective office, but we can support those that do. We can ALL make a difference and make our voices heard. We can vote, volunteer, pay attention to our ballots, vote, support our candidates and stand, really stand, for what we believe in. Did I mention voting???

During this training, the feeling of inspiration began to trickle on over my way. Soon I understood the hope and remembered that there is power in numbers and change will come, but only if we make our voices heard. One of the most powerful quotes from that day came from the Executive Director of the program who gave this reminder - "If you don't have a seat at the table, you are probably on the menu." #foodforthought

There is an old gospel song that says, “Trouble don’t last always” and it doesn’t. But we have to get moving. Be blessed, be safe and stay woke.

Tamika Greenwood