The Road to Forgiveness


Have you ever taken a wrong turn while driving, and hope to find an exit or another street to get you back in the direction you need to go? I have. Sometimes we take a wrong turn in life. We can say the wrong thing, make a poor choice or react irresponsibly. The inclination that kicks in when you make a mistake is to fix it, right? Just turn around, or change your mind and apologize. But sometimes the simple logic of “fixing it” isn’t enough. Sometimes wishful thinking or stubbornness can take us so far down a road, that Google Maps can't help us out. And sometimes we come so far down the road that when we do try to turn around, we get hurt or hurt others in the process. 

We are all human, and we will make mistakes, sometimes multiple times a day. But thank God for forgiveness right? Forgiveness is a superpower that can right the greatest wrongs and fixes what’s broken. If you ever find yourself traveling the road of criticism or hopping on the rude train or just acting ugly for no reason, remember you can always make a U-turn and go back the other way. You might get scraped up a little bit in the process, but better to get a small scrape than to crash and burn. 

Embrace forgiveness and don’t be too proud to apologize. And remember, don’t just forgive others, forgive yourself when necessary also. Do yourself a favor today and feel free to take as many U-turns as you need. You will thank yourself later.

Tamika Greenwood