Being Busy Is Not The Business

It’s Friday, but it looks like my weekend is going to be just as busy as my workweek. I keep trying to figure out when weekends become so short and why is my schedule always so packed. Ugh.  

I attended the Dream ChaseHer Conference a few weeks ago, and one of the presenters talked about “being busy,” and she politely, yet bluntly reminded us attendees that the goal isn’t to be busy, but (ahem) to be efficient. Got that y’all? Efficient. If you are running around like crazy, late for meetings, without enough downtime, then you are doing something wrong. And guess what? I’m doing something terribly wrong, but I am going to right that wrong by working more efficiently and taking out time for myself. Don’t believe me, just watch.

I made a vow that starting in July. Yes July, because that’s how crazy my calendar is—I am going to keep one weekend a month clear. That’s right, clear. No appointments, no social events, no meetings. Nothing. If I decide to get a last minute massage, or spend the day writing, or (gulp) clean my closet, I will have time to do so. I am still learning that self-care is the best care and being busy, just isn’t the business.  

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Tamika GreenwoodComment